Company culture is important. It impacts a workforce’s mood and productivity. It shapes how clients view you and your products and services. It affects your recruiting and retention efforts. In short, company culture impacts the success of your company and its bottom line.

But creating culture doesn’t just happen. It has to be done with intention. So, how do you promote your objectives? Start by designing your office to reflect your corporate goals.

When you picture your ideal work space, do you picture a sea of gray cubicles and beige walls? Doubtful. You probably envision a dynamic space with modern, inviting furniture and warm and attention-getting accessories.

Modern corporate office space

Redesigning an office space to shift a company’s culture is definitely possible. For example, for companies that pride themselves on offering a flexible work structure, an office space with open workstations is a must.

Companies that want to promote a healthy lifestyle often provide height adjustable desks and ergonomic seating. Now, we also see them adding cues to maintain social distancing. From wayfinding signage to textile signals in flooring, design can encourage employees to respect each other’s space.

Modern Workspace Desk design

Firms that need to portray a high-level of professionalism and prestige, like law firms and wealth-management corporations, often furnish their spaces with traditional pieces

Many employers are starting to realize that furniture is a crucial component in establishing, reflecting, and maintaining their desired business culture. Business owners and managers looking to take specific actions to craft their culture need to consider starting with the furniture. Alliance Corporate Services is here to help. Let’s set up a virtual consultation to align your office design with your company’s core values. Reach out today.