If I asked you to close your eyes and think about a place where you go to relax and recharge, you probably wouldn’t picture your office. Actually, I would venture to guess the spot that popped into your head was outdoors, like the beach, a park, or maybe your backyard. There’s just something about fresh air, nature, and the sun’s warm rays that re-energizes us and boosts our well being.

In this ever-changing business world, many employers understand the benefits outdoor spaces have on their employees, and thus their bottom line. That’s why many businesses are starting to explore outdoor office spaces.

Here are some tips for designing an outdoor workspace:

Waterfront seating area with wicker furniture and an umbrella

Create a ceiling.

If your building doesn’t have an existing structure with a ceiling, create one with a cluster of umbrellas. They will form a shaded canopy area that provides protection from the sun, the rain, and other elements.

Choose your furniture.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing furniture for your outdoor work space, especially comfort, productivity, durability, and personal style.

Outdoor seating area

Add greenery.

Add greenery. Plants reduce stress and improve concentration, so incorporate a mixture of tabletop plants and larger potted plants. But be sure to choose low maintenance plants that don’t need a lot of extra water or attention.

Outdoor lighting.

Companies with employees that work in shifts or into the night should consider outdoor lighting. Opting for lighting with motion sensors will ensure the area is always illuminated when it needs to be.

Spending the day hunched over a desk typing away, drafting documents, or staring at a computer screen can easily lead to disengagement and disinterest. Creating an outdoor workspace is one way to prevent that, and can ensure your team is happy, healthy, and more productive than ever. If you’re considering creating an outdoor work retreat, Alliance Corporate Services is always available to help you create an amazing office space.