Trends evolve with time. It’s true with fashion, cars, food, and even office design and furniture. In this industry, trends reflect the business culture.

The rapidly evolving changes in the office have created a more employee-centric workplace. But it’s not just about providing employees with the most innovative tools and up-to-date technology. Businesses are designing spaces that improve employees’ performance while enhancing their well being and happiness in the workplace.

Here are a few trends you can expect this year …

Natural Lighting

Shared desk space in a bright open room with floor to ceiling windows

The growing focus of mental health and employee well being has created newfound importance for enhancing natural light. Commercial architects and office designers strive to incorporate as much natural light as possible into a design. When that’s not a possibility, utilizing smart lighting solutions that complement the offices’ natural light can have a significant impact.


Large seating areaSustainable Design

As I discussed in a previous newsletter, many companies are making a shift toward environmental responsibility, creating a tangible increase in demand for workplace furniture and materials that are non-toxic, repurposed, recyclable, and renewable. Today, multiple manufacturers are creating an extensive line of products with minimal environmental impact, including credenzas, modular seating, and lighting.

Rethinking the Boardroom

Modern boardroom

The design of the traditional boardroom has not evolved, but its functionality certainly has. Innovation and technology have created a situation where people don’t have to physically be in the same room for a meeting. So while boardrooms and meeting rooms will probably always have their place in the office, multipurpose meeting spaces are becoming more and more popular.

In the case of office furniture and design, follow the trends! Creating an environment that caters to the needs of employees improves productivity and retention, which ultimately benefits you as the employer.

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