Since March, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic have completely disrupted everyday life and changed the way most people work. Now, as businesses slowly reopen, they must reconsider their previous office layouts and make adjustments to create a safe environment for their employees.

As we all start to move forward and look ahead, we have created an album with helpful suggestions on ways to modify office spaces. Click here to see our “COVID-19 Get Back to Work” album, which will be continuously updated with new products.

Work stations with high dividers.

Reconfigure work areas. Pre-pandemic collaborative work stations, which have been so popular for so many years, have seen their last days, as sitting side-by-side or face-to-face a co-worker is the last thing employees want at the moment. Putting distance and creating barriers between employees will make them to feel safer and more comfortable about returning to the workplace.

Choose easy-to-clean furniture. Daily and deep cleaning practices will most certainly be a common occurrence. Having furniture pieces that can be easily cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized makes the cleaning process more effective and efficient.

Hand sanitizing stations in an office environment.

Install sanitizing stations. If we didn’t already know, the current heath crisis has taught everyone the importance of proper hand hygiene. While washing hands with soap and water is always the best option, it’s not always a practical one. But hand sanitizing stations are a great alternative. Placing them in easily accessible, high traffic areas will remind employees to use them often.

Ensure social distancing. Without a measuring tape, do you know what six feet looks like? Probably not. A simple but effective way to ensure employees maintain a safe distance from one another is with floor stickers and decals.

When and how businesses reopen is still unknown in many areas of the country. What is known is that many companies are going to have to redesign their environment in order to keep their workforce safe, healthy, and happy.

Alliance Corporate Services is here to help you create a new post-pandemic office space layout. Alliance Corporate Services has always offered a virtual consultation and design process. We are uniquely positioned to help you during this time. So, let’s talk soon about how to keep your team safe and happy.