Furnishing an office or designing one can be very expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. It is more than possible to create a functional and attractive workspace without breaking the bank. The trick is to plan wisely and determine where it makes the most sense to spend your money.

Here’s a guide to help you accomplish your goal and determine the most essential pieces to purchase when outfitting an office on a budget.

The reception area, where employees and visitors walk through every day, sets the tone for the office. As such, it should give a positive first impression and send the right message about your company. So, the reception desk should be one that makes a statement and projects the right image. If you welcome the public into your space, consider a multi-level piece that allows everyone to utilize the surface to sign in and out.

The conference room is most often the go-to place for client meetings and internal team brainstorming sessions, so make sure you have an expansive conference table where a large group of people can spread out. And choose conference chairs that are comfortable enough for people to sit in during long meetings. After all, the last thing you want is someone distracted because they are uncomfortable!

Finally, consider the principles of universal design. Leave enough room around the table for everyone to move about easily.
Conference table and chairs

Your type of business will determine whether you need individual workstations for each employee or a large shared worktable. Make sure any outlets and other connection utilities built into the furniture are within everyone’s reach. Rounded corners also support safety, comfort and maneuverability.

Cubicle style workspace

Regardless of whether it’s a desk or a table, select something that’s high-quality enough to withstand a little abuse. And pair it with an office chair with enough special features and adjustments to ensure employees are comfortable enough to stay productive all day.

Furnishing your office is not just about buying pieces to fill up a space. It’s about investing in quality pieces of furniture that collectively create a space that’s impressive to visitors and attractive to employees. Whatever your budget, Alliance Corporate Services is always available to help you create an amazing new office or refresh an existing one.