One of the things I’ve noticed over the course of my career is the shift many companies are making toward environmental responsibility. As we learn more about global warming and climate change, an increasing number of clients are shifting toward a more eco-friendly work environment.

Office furniture has a tremendous impact on the work environment because it sets the tone for the company. Employers looking for innovative design solutions that provide a greater degree of sustainability must consider the materials used.

Materials have a huge impact on the environment. When creating a sustainable office, it’s critical to seek out materials that are non-toxic, repurposed, recyclable, and renewable. Fortunately, from credenzas to modular seating to lighting, more and more manufacturers are committed to producing products with minimal environmental impact.

To be sustainable, a space also needs to be durable, adaptable, and timeless. One company that meets all three criteria is Takeform, an environmentally aware signage design and architectural graphics company.  With a staff of 200 designers, wayfinding specialists, and project managers, Takeform has mastered the art of creating navigation systems that support a brand.

Sometimes green-bound businesses need a little help finding the best products, resources, and manufacturers. At Alliance Corporate Services, we anticipate the needs of our customers. We’ve researched different vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers and aligned ourselves with the best. This allows us to offer a unique selection of sustainable products without sacrificing aesthetic design and comfort.

If you’re adopting sustainable tactics or want to know more about how to include sustainable design and materials in your next redesign, contact our team.

Alliance Corporate Services can collaborate with you to create a sustainable, environmentally-friendly space that provides functionality and convenience.