With Halloween around the corner, we’re quickly approaching “holiday season.” October, November, and December all have their own distinct holidays, and each month brings with it an excuse to eat, drink, and indulge.


But all that festive indulgence takes a toll on the waistline. Americans gain from one to five pounds between Halloween and New Year’s Day. Of course, one or two pounds gained over the course of three months isn’t cause for major concern, unless it becomes a pattern year after year.


Finding time for exercise is also more of a challenge during the holidays. Long days at the office and holiday obligations can make the idea of hitting the gym unappealing. So, how do we reverse the effects of habitual overindulging during the holidays?


One solution is the standing desk. The concept has been around for quite some time, but the desks have recently increased in popularity. Research highlights their health benefits, which combat the ever-growing obesity rate in the U.S.


At Alliance Corporate Services, we offer a unique selection of standing and treadmill desks for large corporations and small businesses. Adjustable furniture, like standing desks, can solve design dilemmas. These pieces modernize the look of an office, and provide a host of benefits for employers and employees. For example, adjustable furniture can:


  • Increase productivity.
  • Boost weight loss and lower your risk of obesity.
  • Reduce back pain.
  • Lower your risk of heart disease.
  • Help improve your mood and energy levels.


People value health and wellness benefits in the workplace.  Adjustable furniture can improve recruiting and retention outcomes. Many businesses now provide employees with standing desks, walking desks, and stationary bike desks as part of a comprehensive wellness program.


Contact Alliance Corporate Services now to help you transform your workplace into a healthier space.  What an amazing holiday “gift” for your employees!